3 AM

by Kira Small

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"Three a.m. Halfway from midnight to morning. Halfway from mourning to something better. Halfway from hurt to healing. 'I miss the man you said you’d be,' she slices, tone-true. Broken songs from an unbroken spirit, awash in beautiful, frenzied, well-whiskeyed weariness, from halfway to the other side. She sings good, too." - Peter Cooper


released June 10, 2016

Produced and Mixed by Neilson Hubbard. Mr. Lemons Studio, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Jim Demain. Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN
Photos: Stacie Huckeba
Design: Keith Brogdon at Thinking Out Loud Design

Danny Mitchell – Rhodes, Wurly, Organ, Piano, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Harmonium
Brian Allen - Bass
Johnny Duke - Guitar
Evan Hutchings – Drums
Roy Agee - Trombone
Doug Mosher - Saxophone
Kevin Terry - Cello
Lo Carter - Vocals
Marcia Ware - Vocals
Kira Small - Vocals, Rhodes on “Cover My Mirrors”

All songs by Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP) except
“Learn To Forgive” by Kira Small/Amy Speace - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)/Amy Speace Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Kira Small Nashville, Tennessee

Strong. Sexy. Soul.

“...like a neat glass of single malt in a world of Michelob Ultra” - Mike Reid

Kira Small is a nationally touring singer-songwriter & in demand Nashville session vocalist. She also makes lemons out of lemonade. Kira’s June 2016 release 3 AM is one of those albums where an artist, in making sense of a time of personal upheaval, almost accidentally crafts a career masterpiece.
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Track Name: Attention
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

Don't make me beg for your attention
I'm so tired of asking for just a little bit of your time
I know you love me but I need your attention
I'm feeling lonely and last on your mind

You're a hard working man – you bring it all home to me
Honey I know you're tired – and you don't want company
But the heart of your woman is tender
And dying to know you remember


Wasn't that long ago - you were longing for me
Now I feel like a child - Always tugging on your sleeve
You can't seem to find enough time on your own
But I can't be in love all alone

I used to feel like your treasure
Precious thing you held so dear
I shouldn't have to miss you so bad
When you're right here


Baby don't leave me lonely....
Track Name: Send Him Home To Me
Send Him Home To Me
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

Lately when you're looking in the mirror
You tell me what you see there isn't true
You've been feeling like you lost yourself
Well I lost someone too, the man I thought I knew
And if that never was the real you

Who put a ring on my hand and said “I'll love you all my life”
Who whispered “I can't live without you by my side”
I miss the man you said you'd be
If you see him, send him home to me

There's more than just this kitchen table here between us
Seems you've made up your mind
I can't stop you if you're leaving
I'm looking in your eyes, but I don't recognize
Who's telling me goodbye

Cuz that's not who ran to my arms and couldn't hold me close enough
Who said he'd never felt anything deeper than this love
I miss the man you used to be
If you see him, send him home to me

If he's out there somewhere, lonely and frightened
Tell him I'll leave the light on

For the man with a heart as true as his word
Who'd never dream of leaving me all alone and hurt
If that's the man you'll never be
I'll let you go, I'll set you free
But if you see that man, send him home to me
Track Name: On The Inside
On The Inside
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

You done made up your mind
You don't want my love no more
You ain't wasting no time
Called the game – now you wanna settle up the score

You got big things to do and staying's only weighing you down
You got to get unwound

You can cross me off your list
Sign the paper, close the file
Don't think twice of what you missed
Baby ain't you riding high
Run hard as you can but there ain't nowhere to hide
Love's gonna haunt you on the inside

You let go of my hand
So you could reach for the stars
The view up there may be grand
You might think you've seen the light but I've seen your dark

I know the broken places you're too scared to face
That's why you walked away


Untie your strings, reign like a king
Safe behind your castle walls
Remember ghosts seep through like smoke
When night falls

Run hard as you can but there ain't nowhere to hide
Love's gonna haunt you on the inside
Track Name: For Love's Sake
For Love's Sake
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

Today I watched you turn and walk right out my door
You couldn't even say goodbye
All I heard were suitcase wheels upon the floor
Is that what love sounds like when it dies?

Almost begged you not to go but held my tongue and stood my ground
Was there anything I could have said to make you turn around

There's a morning coming when you'll wake
And wonder if leaving was your worst mistake
And on that day I hope it's not too late
For love's sake, For love's sake

I always said you were my one and only
You said I was your one true love
Now you're leaving me here lonely
Was one true love just not enough?

Now you're off to climb a mountain, hopin' it's where salvation lies
Baby how have you forgotten you once found it in my eyes?


Love's the thing that sets us all free
So even if you never come back to me

Track Name: Stuttgart
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

I passed a sign for Stuttgart
On a highway somewhere in Arkansas
It was two days since you'd left me
And every bit of me was raw

Down the road a billboard ad for Pensacola
Starting soon – 3 flights a day
I can see you kneeling by the water
Offering a ring and promising you'd stay

And oh....there's nowhere left to go
Nowhere left to hide
Even when I close my eyes
I see your face before me
Feel your arms around me
How can you be gone...
And still surround me?

Made my grocery list this morning
And I looked down at the pen in my hand
It was from that hotel in Lake Tahoe
Where we made love and then made love again


I think back on the summer
When I touched down in Germany
Where you were waiting there in Stuttgart
With open arms for me
Track Name: 3 AM
3 AM
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

3 AM, cigarette
Every thought a tattered thread
Why's this night so long?
Swirl the ice in my glass
Waiting on time to pass
What did I do wrong?
Why was my love not enough to make you stay

Bloodshot eyes, ragged breath
Can't get near that empty bed
I just don't know how
Now that my love was not enough to make you stay

I oughtta be angry cuz you left me so coldly
Angry would be easier if only I could clear my head

But there's no ground beneath my feet
You took away my gravity
What do I do now?
Now that my love was not enough to make you stay

The hunger in your kiss – I can't stop remembering
The heat of your skin – I can't stop remembering
The look only a lover knows – I can't stop remembering
I can't stop remembering, I can't stop remembering
I'd give anything to stop remembering
But I can't forget a thing....at 3AM
Track Name: Fire Starter
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

I shoulda known by the trail of smoke dragging in your wake
You wouldn't stay
Only thing you'd ever done when love dug in too deep
Was burn it down and walk away

You swore those days were over – you'd laid your matches down
And found the one you'd never leave
So tell me why I'm standing here soaked down to my skin
In tears and kerosene

Fire-starter - I thought you'd be a better man
Fire-starter – I put my heart in an arsonist's hands
but I won't burn again

In the comfort of the shadows, way on out of sight
You hid in shame
While I stood right in the center of that roaring blaze
and turned my face into the flame


Whatcha gonna do when there's nothing left to burn – fire-starter
Whatcha gonna do when there's nothing left to burn – fire-starter
Whatcha gonna do when there's nothing left to burn, nowhere left to turn


Ashes, ashes, I won't fall down
Ashes, ashes, I won't fall down
Whatcha gonna do when there's nothing left to burn – fire-starter
Ashes, ashes, I won't fall down
Track Name: Cover My Mirrors
Cover My Mirrors
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

It was dark, I was scared
All alone in this home we used to share
No way to know if the light would return
We crashed and burned

I cried in pain, I shook with rage
I poured it out my pen upon the page
I called to Jesus, I called to you
I cursed you too

But come the morning you won't find me mourning

I won't cover my mirrors
I won't dress all in black
I'm not sorry I loved you
Only that you couldn't love me back

Sometimes we fly, sometimes we fall
Sometimes we try and still lose it all
You were strong, I was too
Somewhere it was true

But come the morning you won't find me mourning


I could carve this grief in stone
But no

I won't hide in the shadows
I won't harden my heart
I'm not sorry for falling
Even though we fell apart

I won't cover my mirrors
I won't dress all in black
I'm not sorry I loved you
Only that you couldn't love me back
Track Name: Learn To Forgive
Learn To Forgive
© Kira Small/Amy Speace – Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP) /Amy Speace Music (ASCAP)
Sorting evidence as if there was a trial
Like there could be a winner in this case
I traded forward motion for denial
Couldn't see the role I played
How long can you keep someone around
Who left long before he walked out of the door
He didn't want to be here anyhow
How am I supposed to get up off the floor
Slowly, angry, reluctant and wary
But necessary
To see a thing for what it really is
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive
Didn't want to let him off the hook
But it was me who was tangled in the line
Maybe that's exactly what it took
To get sick and tired of being sick and tired
Weary, but bravely facing what's scary
The part that's mine to carry
And stop blaming him for doing what he did
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive
Every single one of us is broken open
Steady, stable, finally able
To be grateful
For accepting that my path wasn't his
Not seeing it as something that I missed
Trusting there's a better way to live
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive
Track Name: Gift That Keeps On Giving
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)

He didn't wrap it with a bow
Just tossed it at me as he was walking out the door
Surprised me with the new adventure
of trying to remember how to breathe out and breathe in
His leaving was a gift that keeps on giving

He didn't tell our friends
I had to break that news time and time again
Every letter, every call, stomach tied up in a ball
I'd feel that scab start ripping
His leaving was a gift that keeps on giving

I didn't know how strong my heart was until it held me through this hurt
He didn't give me what I wanted, but I got what I deserve

I found my courage, found my pride
Brothers and sisters stand like warriors at my side
With my feet on solid ground, I see the blessings that abound
And I feel that fog start lifting
His leaving was a gift that keeps on giving

The gift I thought held only darkness – was where I saw the light
Buried beneath the pain and anger – I found the real prize

You - you didn't wrap it with a bow
Unadorned I recognized the truest heart I've ever known
Every day I'm more amazed – how you love me with such grace
And we're only just beginning
Baby you're the gift that keeps on giving