Live At The White House

by Kira Small & Bryan Beller

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Steve Lawson Lovely stripped down versions of Kira's soul songs, arranged for just piano, voice and bass. Space for the songs to soar. Favorite track: Digging In The Dirt.
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I had an amazing couple of years touring the country with my (now ex-) husband/bassist/road sherpa Bryan Beller. Everywhere we went people asked if we had an album of us together as a duo, just like what they were hearing live, but we didn't. So when we were lucky enough to capture some high quality audio from a show in Orlando in December 2010 we decided to release it as a live album.

What’s on it? Material from all 3 of my studio albums, a solo version of a bass piece on Bryan’s first record, plus a few covers we dug into and made our own - all wrapped up with some silly stage banter to make you feel like you were there.

As for the title - no we didn't play THAT White House. But the one we did play, the Timucua White House in Orlando, FL, is a special place all its own. The liner notes tell the full story, but I'll offer many thanks here to Benoit Glazer who owns/lives at the "White House" and runs the Timucua Arts Foundation for letting us play his amazing space AND recording it for us!


released November 4, 2011

Produced by: Kira Small & Bryan Beller
Recorded by: Benoit Glazer at Timucua White House on 12/12/10
Mixed and mastered by: Mark Niemiec at Muggytone Studios
CD authoring by: Dan Shike
CD art design: Nancy Hagen at
Photos: TJ Lambert/Stages Photography

Kira Small - lead vocals, keyboards
Bryan Beller - bass, bg vocals

EXCEPT track 10:
KS - tambourine, keyboard solo
BB - keyboard, tambourine during keyboard solo

Related: track 10 is teh awesome.



all rights reserved


Kira Small Nashville, Tennessee

Strong. Sexy. Soul.

“ a neat glass of single malt in a world of Michelob Ultra” - Mike Reid

Kira Small is a nationally touring singer-songwriter & in demand Nashville session vocalist. She also makes lemons out of lemonade. Kira’s June 2016 release 3 AM is one of those albums where an artist, in making sense of a time of personal upheaval, almost accidentally crafts a career masterpiece.
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Track Name: I Ain't Never
Last night baby – you really laid it down
I can’t wait ‘til you bring it back around
My head is spinning – and I can’t stop grinning
Make me feel so good, I wanna tell the whole damn town

I ain’t never been loved so fine
You’re sending chills up and down my spine
I’ve felt my share of chemistry
But I ain’t never felt nothing like you and me

Ooo-wee baby – we got it goin’ on
Got that mojo workin’ – til the break of dawn
If it was any hotter – honey, we could boil water
It’s like a supernatural love phenomenon

I’ve felt the pleasure and the pain
I’ve felt the fire and the rain
I’ve felt the bitter taste of pride
I’ve felt my heart open wide
But I ain’t never felt like this
You knocked me out with just one kiss
And now I’m writing down your name
Ain’t never gonna be the same
Track Name: Make Up Your Mind
What are you thinkin’ baby – treatin’ me this way
You’re warm in the nighttime but you’re cold in the light of day
The way that you love me whenever you love me sets my soul on fire
But then you turn around and you put me down leave me hangin’ on a wire

MAKE UP YOUR MIND – do you want me or don’t you
MAKE UP YOUR MIND – will you love me or won’t you
Choose me or lose me – just don’t waste my time

I won’t be your part-time lover – at your beck and call
If you don’t want all my love then you ain’t gettin’ none at all
I’ve done all that I know how, it’s your move now so go on and make it
I’m offering up my heart, if you’re not gonna take it, hurry up and break it

Let me off this ride, baby just decide
Cuz I’ve got my pride and I won’t stay on the side
Track Name: Miss You Bad Tonight
Tonight I’m climbing the wall
Staring at the ceiling waiting on your call
There ain’t a thing I can do
To keep myself from crying ‘cuz I’m missing you

Wondering where you are – and why it’s got to be so far
Away from me – I’m in misery
And there ain’t no relief in sight
So I’ll just pray for morning light
Cuz I miss you bad tonight

Loneliness knows no shame
I’m sick of wiping lipstick off your picture frame
Love’s supposed to be blind
But if I don’t see you soon I’m gonna lose my mind

Ever since you left, I just ain’t been myself
I need you here to make this madness disappear
I’ve been holding on with all my might
But right now I’m losing that fight
Cuz I miss you bad tonight

Days go on and I stay strong
But when you’re gone the nights are so long

And honey I don’t know – if I can take much more
Sleepin’ all alone – Lord, it chills me to the bone
Darling it just ain’t right
I need you holding me tight
Cuz I miss you bad tonight
Track Name: You Gonna Regret Losing Me
I can’t believe what I’m hearing
You say it’s not worth the fight
You’re telling me you don’t love me
You could have fooled me last night

Cuz baby – wasn’t that love we were making
Weren’t you just calling my name?
Now I feel my heart breaking
Cuz you tell me you don’t feel the same

More than you know – you’re gonna miss me
More than you know – you’ll find that you love me
More than you know – honey it’s gonna hurt you
More than you know – and you know

You gonna regret losing me
You gonna regret letting me go
You think you’ve been using me
But there’s something you need to know
You’re gonna miss more than my kiss
You’re gonna feel it down deep in your soul
You gonna regret losing me

I know you’ll find you another
That is if you haven’t yet
Baby you might even love her
But I’ll still be hard to forget

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you
I nearly begged you to stay
But now there’s nothing I can do for you
You’re gonna be sorry someday
Track Name: I Will Raise My Voice
I must have heard when I was very young
To be a good girl I must hold my tongue
I’ve been a good girl and it’s served me well
But the woman inside has been screaming like hell
Let me out of this shadow
It ain’t nothing but fear
I was not born to disappear

I will raise my voice – though I may be afraid
I will raise my voice - I will not be ashamed
Mine may only be a simple song but it’s mine to sing
If I don’t sing no one can sing along so I will sing
Whether in pain or in praise
Until the end of my days
With all my heart I will raise
I will raise my voice

Sometimes the world seems so cold and so dark
I think what can I do with one tiny spark
But that’s when I must hold my heart open wide
For to silence my soul is a sin worse than pride
I will not let despair steal this little light of mine
I was born to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

I will no longer be my own worst enemy, not anymore
I know my creator has got something greater in store

So I will raise my voice – even when I am afraid
I will raise my voice – I will not be ashamed
I will raise my voice – for it may be the spark
I will raise my voice – that will light up the dark
Mine may only be a simple song but it’s mine to sing
If I don’t sing no one can sing along so I’ve got to sing
Whether in pain or in praise
Until the end of my days
With all my heart I will raise
I will raise my voice
Track Name: Hootchie Mama
Hey now little hootchie mama better get up off of my man
Don’t walk hootchie mama better run while you still can
Cuz if I get me a hold of you
I’m gonna knock you on your hootchie-coo
And you’ll be through – hootchie mama

You saw him standing there and thought you’d take your chance
But I know what you was offering when you asked him to dance
Cuz I seen you start to flirt
And if you keep hiking up that skirt
You gon’ get hurt – hootchie mama

He’s mine don’t you forget it
One move you’re gonna regret it
I love that man with all my heart and soul
So I’m on 24/7 - 365 ho patrol

And I ain’t gonna let no hootchie mama go wrecking up my home
I’ll be coming after you if you don’t leave my man alone
And when I catch you you’re going down
And you won’t be shaking that stuff around
Not in my town – hootchie mama
Track Name: Shouldn't We Be In Love
Shouldn’t We Be In Love

I love you, you love me too
Shouldn’t we be in love
We’re the best of friends, together you and I make sense
Shouldn’t we be in love

Shouldn’t my world revolve around you
Shouldn’t your kisses make me weak
Shouldn’t my dreams feel like they’ve come true
Shouldn’t we be all I need

I love you, you love me too
Shouldn’t we be in love
Shouldn’t we be in love

I know into every love affair some rain must fall
What do you do if you fall out of love for no reason at all
Can you use sheer will to make it good
Because that’s how you know it should be
Baby we should be in love

With this ring we vowed to be each others’ everything
Shouldn’t we be in love
You and I’ve spent all this time just trying to survive
Shouldn’t we be in love

Shouldn’t I want to come home to you
Shouldn’t you miss me when I’m gone
Shouldn’t you be the one I run to
When my heart can’t find its song
Shouldn’t we never give up on love
Shouldn’t we try with all our might
But if you and I are wrong, love
Shouldn’t we go find what’s right

I love you, baby I know you love me too
Shouldn’t we be in love
Shouldn’t we be in love
Track Name: Hurtin'
You put the hurtin’ on it - you put the hurtin’ on me
You put the hurtin’ on it - you put the hurtin’ on me
But I ain’t complainin’ it’s a good thing you’re bringin’
Every time you put that hurtin’ on me

I’ve had the roses and the fine wine
Sweet talker with the smooth line
I been around the block a time or two
But I never met a man like you

Oh you snuck up on me what a fine surprise
My walls started crumbling right before my eyes
Honey you got the stuff and I can’t get enough of you – oo, oo, oo

The way you want me takes my breath away
I wake up smiling every single day
And when you call me on the telephone
I get the shivers even though I’m alone

Now the world seems brighter than it’s ever been
What kind of cold, dark place have I been living in?
I see the light, honey, everything’s right with you – oo, oo, oo

I’m trying to explain I ain’t feeling no pain
Every time you put that hurtin’ on me
I’ll never complain ‘bout that good thing you bring
Every time you put that hurtin’ on me
Track Name: Sugar Man
I need your help now baby
I got some lumps in my gravy
I was thinking you and me could maybe stir it up awhile

Why don’t you come on over
Let me put my head on your shoulder
I’m starting to smolder and I need you to stoke my fire

I’m cold, honey - warm me up
I know you can fill my lovin’ cup
Now don’t tell me you got somethin’ better planned
Come on and be my sugar man

I need some of your sweetness
Come take advantage of my weakness
For the taste of your sweet kiss, I’d get down on my knees

I got plenty of tools in my kitchen
But only you can scratch where I’m itchin’
I’m busting out of my stitchin’ honey, won’t you help me please

I’ll get the skillet hot - you stir what’s in the pot
Nice and easy ‘til its good and greasy then we
Add the sugar ‘til it tastes just right
Don’t stop stirring, baby – this could take all night